Irish Housing: private developers can not deliver cheaper housing than the public sector

After the launch of the Irish government’s “Rebuilding Ireland” programme, TV3’s “Tonight with Vincent Browne” on 19 July 2016 discussed the plan and the general issue of housing. One o…

Source: Irish Housing: private developers can not deliver cheaper housing than the public sector

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Prisoner Solidarity Group-Cork City

Todays court case is part of a long running campaign by the Garda Special branch  against anything progressive and anything Republican.

The case itself against 10 local activists, was put back to December 17th, another days wages lost for some of the lads.

There is nothing new about what they are doing. They dont like the idea of a Broad visible campaign highlighting the Prisoner issue in a way they cannot predict, they prefer us to limit our actions to static protests in some corner, or doing nothing.

The white line picket back in june didn’t obstruct traffic, it brought home the reality to many in Cork the Torture taking place in Ireland. War we were told, is a ‘thing of the past’, but the war waged against Republican prisoners is very real and very brutal.

Those of us involved in political activism should not fear the Special Branch, the…

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MacDonalds in Ballincollig

Say no to MacDonald’s at Supernova

The recent decision to grant planning permission to Supernova for a ‘Drive-thru’ take-away is a disgrace. This is a totally inappropriate location for such a business in what is a residential area alongside a commercial park that largely closes down at 6pm. There are serious questions to be asked of Cork County Council’s planning department in relation to this decision and the original permission such is the existing zoning for the area. We might ask a question about what influence estimated planning substantial contribution charges to the Council might have.

The addition of a fast-food restaurant to a facility that is sold as an indoor pay/activity centre for toddlers and children is insidious in its nature. Its intended location beside Ballincollig community school is also a huge concern as there is sure to be an attempt to target pupils at lunch times and after school. Public Health officials and campaigners are trying to tackle the onset of an obesity/diabetes epidemic in this country while schools have made huge efforts in recent years to promote healthy eating. Other countries are considering introducing fast-food free zones around schools in order to tackle obesity amongst young people.

Local residents however are fighting this decision all the way collecting signatures of residents in the area objecting to the proposal and are now considering an appeal.

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